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A Great Sales Pitch Hinges on the Right Story

Harvard Business Review

When you’re working in sales, you need to master the art of persuasion and that involves being able to tell a compelling story that explains why your product or service will meet someone’s needs. It involves listening, making an emotional connection, and thinking from the customer’s point of view.

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Research: Smaller, More Precise Discounts Could Increase Your Sales

Harvard Business Review

In a series of nine experimental studies involving around 2,000 individuals considering online or retail purchases of a variety of products, the authors found precise discount depths — the difference between the original and sale price — can increase purchase intentions by up to 21%.

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A New Way to Compensate Sales Teams

Harvard Business Review

Although the business environment is completely different than it was 20 years ago, the way most companies structure sales quotas and compensation has not evolved to keep up. To effectively compensate your sales team, follow these five steps. First, companies should determine their go-to-market maturity and set goals accordingly.

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Integrating Digital Tools into Every Stage of Your Sales Strategy

Harvard Business Review

Digital tools powered by relevant data can help to generate customer insights, better allocate sales resources, facilitate channel interactions, and improve brand value. But, like any tool, digital systems are only as good as their users.

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Modern Sales and Marketing Techniques for Filling Your Sales Funnel


Get a quick overview of how to combine digital marketing content with modern sales and marketing technology to pique prospects' interest, generate sales leads, and keep the sales funnel flowing.

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Connecting Thought Leadership to Sales and Lead Generation | Dani Buckley

Peter Winick

How thought leadership can elevate sales teams and increase lead gen. So how do you create content that a sales team can easily access and assess? LeadG2 is a sales performance agency helping businesses sell smarter and faster. Often the bridge between sale and thought leadership can be a tough one to cross.

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What to Do When Your Sales Team Isn’t Delivering – Advice for CEOs

Chief Outsiders

It’s one of the most challenging questions you’ll ever have to ask as a business leader – “why isn’t my sales team delivering the results we need?” Putting a microscope on your team sometimes yields some unpleasant truths, but this exercise is critical when revenue numbers are lacking and the sales pipeline is drying up.

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