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Project Managers, Focus on Outcomes — Not Deliverables

Harvard Business Review

Shift the focus from “what” you’re building (the deliverables) to “why” you’re building it (the outcomes). Features multiply, priorities blur, and schedules and budgets suffer. As a leader, how can you recognize scope creep and realign your team?

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This Email Authentication is Critical for Email Deliverability


Email marketing remains a top marketing channel to generate engagement and leads. The hardest part is coming up with the topics, writing the content, and figuring out who to send it to. The last thing you want is for hard-earned marketing emails to get blocked by inbox service providers because of a technicality.


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Do you let your clients turn your thought leadership into click bait?

Peter Winick

” What I would say is that you cannot sort of allow clients to turn your body of work, your thought leadership, the way that you’ve designed it, the way that you have come up with the solutions and the deliverables, into hacks, into something that… Now, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t time and opportunity where something (..)

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have you ever intentionally burned a bridge?

Alison Green

So when they found a new job a few months later, they sent a 3 pm Friday email just before a big deliverable was due, quitting and giving two hours notice, the exact same notice they’d been given for their demotion. Have you ever intentionally burned a bridge because you decided it was worth it?

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Mastering the Art of the Request

Harvard Business Review

As it turns out, there’s an art to the request — whether it’s directed at an employee who’s producing subpar deliverables or a colleague from a different department who hasn’t been pulling their weight on a collaborative project. Clearly articulated requests, the kinds that elicit real responses, don’t come naturally to most of us.

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When you or someone on your team gets sick, how do you approach the situation?

Thought Leaders LLC

Stay home but stay in touch on major deliverables 29.69%. Our reader poll today asks: When you or someone on your team gets sick, how do you approach the situation? Stay home, stop working and only focus on getting well 31.81%. Stay home and keep current on as much work as you can 30.03%.

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14 Tips To Ensure Freelancers Understand An Agency’s Goals

Forbes Leadership

Whether an agency is temporarily understaffed or wants to bring contractors in to work with its internal teams on a consistent basis, it’s critical for agency leaders to ensure all parties understand timelines, deliverables and other expectations.