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What Is Performance Management? The Complete Guide


Effective performance management helps organizations ensure that employees understand their roles, receive constructive feedback, and have the support they need to achieve their goals and business objectives. Let’s look at what performance management is, what the performance management process looks like, and some examples.

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11 Free Performance Management Tools and Templates

Niagara Institute

Effective performance management serves many purposes. From goal attainment to employee development to increasing motivation and productivity, managing the performance of your employees is an essential part of being a leader.


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Should You Use an HRIS Platform for Performance Management?


Some businesses lean on their HR Information System (HRIS) to fulfill all of the needs of HR leaders, including gathering insights into employee performance… but an HRIS on its own is ill-equipped to manage the demands of effective performance management. Let’s take a closer look.

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The cost of poor performance management

Torben Rick

Done right, performance management can swiftly increase productivity. The cost of poor performance management. When performance management fails. The post The cost of poor performance management appeared first on Torben Rick. Done wrong, the negative effects can be far-reaching.

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The Evolution of Performance Management at Help Scout

Help Scout Leadership

VP of People Leah Knobler shares why we outgrew our old performance management system, how we revamped the process to embrace a more performance-driven culture at Help Scout, and what we've learned along the way. Read the full article

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A Strategic Approach to Performance Management

Rhythm Systems Growth

As a CEO, you want to know that everyone in your business is performing well, working on the right things, and staying engaged along the way. Traditional performance management doesn’t always deliver the value you expect or drive toward these outcomes.

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6 Best Practices for Modern Employee Performance Management 


Is your performance management program actually moving the needle on employee performance? In a McKinsey & Company survey, 54% of respondents said performance management at their organization had not had a positive effect on performance. (If What is employee performance management?