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How to Implement AI — Responsibly

Harvard Business Review

Researchers engaged with organizations across a variety of industries, each at a different stage of implementing responsible AI.

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Change implementation: The ultimate guide

Walk Me

By the end of this guide, you will understand: What change implementation is and why it is essential. The stages, advantages, and disadvantages of change implementation. The factors affecting change implementation. A step-by-step strategy for implementing change. What does change implementation mean?


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Webinar | Implementing Agility at Scale 


In our latest webinar, Implementing Agility at Scale, hosted by Giuseppe de Simone and Lothar Fischmann, we explored the intricacies of scaling. They shared that implementing agility at scale requires a holistic approach that integrates various perspectives, fosters open communication, and embraces adaptability.

Scaling 70
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10 (Practical) DEI Tips of the Day To Implement in 2024


Learn more 13 Tried-and-Tested DEI Initiatives To Implement [in 2023] The current challenges of DEIB A diverse workplace mirrors society. Resistance to change : Implementing effective DEIB strategies often requires significant changes in organizational culture, which can meet with resistance.

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Change Management 101: A Practical 3 Part Guide

Implementing new tools or business processes in your organization? Lemon Learning put together a practical 3 part guide to prevent the pitfalls of change management. Drive a successful change management project from diagnosis through to measurement.

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Should You Be Implementing Summer Hours?


One way to provide more flexibility is to implement summer hours. Below we explore if you should implement summer hours, and what to consider when creating this new policy. The pros of implementing summer hours for employees. Ways to implement summer hours at your company. The post Should You Be Implementing Summer Hours?

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What Is Job Leveling? 9 Implementation Steps To Take in 2024


In this article, we will further unpack what is job leveling, offer examples of a job leveling framework and provide 9 steps for implementation in your organization. Job leveling examples The importance of job leveling 9 Steps for implementing job leveling What is job leveling? Let’s begin! Contents What is job leveling?