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HR’s Strategic Role in Organizational Culture Change


Culture change in the workplace is unavoidable and is typically a continuous change. HR professionals need to stay on top of organizational culture change to help their companies remain competitive. HR professionals need to stay on top of organizational culture change to help their companies remain competitive.

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How to Measure Culture Change: 8 Methods for Your Business


Culture change is a big undertaking, which requires a lot of effort and big investments in terms of resources. For this reason, measuring culture change is necessary to know how your business is progressing and what impact the transformation has on your business. Contents What is culture change?


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The Importance Of Continuous Culture Change

Forbes Leadership

Cultural change may not have a beginning or an end, but it requires constant improvement and realignment with what drives success.

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How A.G. Lafley Made Culture Change Stick

Chief Executive

If an organization attempts to merge sales and marketing, for example, that formal change will only increase the interpersonal suspicion between salespeople and marketing unless the norms of their interactions and attitudes—the cultural mechanisms— change to make them more cooperative. The post How A.G.

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If You Want Culture Change, Create New Stories

Harvard Business Review

A conversation with Eccles professor Jay Barney on research about retooling culture.

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Culture Change in the Workplace: How to Make It Happen


Your workplace culture flows from your company’s policies and practices, leadership functioning, founder values and beliefs, and shared experiences. So, a culture change in the workplace can happen only by changing how things get done. Why and when is culture change needed? Difficulty with employees.

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Why Culture Change Fails

LSA Global

Are you aiming for culture change and coming up short time after time? Any kind of organizational change is challenging; but culture change can be especially difficult because it requires changing employee mindsets and behaviors regarding how work gets done. You need to understand why culture change fails.