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Media and the Public’s Limited Advertising Attention Span

UVA Darden

Media and the Public’s Limited Advertising Attention Span burtonc Fri, 12/01/2023 - 13:11 1 December 2023 Marketing & Sales Strategic Marketing Advertisements used to be an inevitable companion to entertainment. And the industry still thrives; the average American consumes about six hours of media a day. Manhattanville College; M.A.,

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Solving Social Media Anarchy In Your Shop

Chief Executive

Social media has been both a treasure chest and a Pandora’s box for companies and their CEOs, a prickly phenomenon of the Internet age whose business implications continue to cascade faster than leaders can create and refine their responses. There are more conversations around all the social issues and things in the media.

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How Social Media, Content Marketing And Paid Media Ads Are Changing PR

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Social media, content marketing and paid media advertising are three of the main drivers behind the transformation. Some aspects of public relations have changed forever.

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A Love Letter to Social Media Customer Service Pros

Help Scout Leadership

Social media customer service is a skill of its own. Here's our love letter to the people doing the hard work, in public, every day. Read the full article

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3 Content Creators That Are Disrupting The Media Industry

Forbes Leadership

Currently, media lacks racial diversity. This article highlights three Black content creators that are disrupting the media industry as we know it today. At the White House Correspondents’ dinner, President Biden mentioned the importance of the free press and more specifically, the Black press.

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Recent Figures Show That Media Is Still Overwhelming White

Forbes Leadership

Many of the major media companies in the U.S. remain mostly white, with recent reports indicating that racial diversity is declining. This article examines this trend in more detail and provides recommendations to increase racial diversity.

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15 Social Media Trends Smart Marketers Will Leverage In 2023

Forbes Leadership

With so much consistent change, it can be hard to know the best way to market a business’s services or products on social media from year to year.

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