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Negotiating Organizational Change: A Leader’s Guide

LSA Global

Negotiating Organizational Change: A Leader’s Guide When it comes to leading organizational change, successful change leaders know how those affected by change are treated matters. Negotiating organizational change means actively involving key stakeholders early and often in the change process.

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Why trust matters during organizational change

Wendy Hirsch

Key Points — Trust and Organizational Change Trust reflects how willing a person is to give up some control or accept vulnerability related to another person or group. Leading change in an organization can sometimes feel like being on one side of a vast chasm, with everyone else on the other side.


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How To Forge Partnerships That Drive Organizational Change

Forbes Leadership

Despite the dire consequences of stagnation, organizational change is hard. On their own, leaders' faulty assumptions can result in failed change. By bringing in a quality partner, true organizational change can occur. Here's how those partnerships work.

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Retaining the Best of Your Culture Amid Organizational Change

Harvard Business Review

As companies go through big changes, they need to retain the best elements of their shared assumptions, values, and common behaviors. While leaders are often focused on how to transform their organizations — and, specifically, their cultures — an equally difficult challenge is keeping a culture steady.

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How To Navigate The Digital Learning Curve For Enhanced Organizational Change

Walk Me

Organizational change can trigger various employee reactions when major structural shifts occur and normalized processes, technology, and tools are replaced with unfamiliar ones. This can often spark internal resistance to change, resulting in low employee performance and decreased productivity if not remedied.

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3 Keys to Better Lead Organizational Change

LSA Global

Have You Been Asked to Lead Organizational Change? With the majority of organizational change initiatives failing to make it successfully across the finish line, change management consulting experts admit that corporate transformations are challenging.

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Change Questions - Unlock The Secrets Of Sustainable Organizational Change

Stephen Warrilow

No two organizational change efforts are the same, so why should your approach be? Change Questions unlocks the secrets of sustainable organizational change by showing you how to ask then implement a set of vital business questions in five critical areas.