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Maximizing Strategy Rollout with Your Company’s Top Leaders

David Grossman

Unfortunately, the latter is the case for most strategy rollout or refresh meetings today – even at the leadership level. Did you leave that meeting feeling optimistic, energized and accountable for what was presented? Or did you come away from the experience feeling apathetic, skeptical and that the new plan was more of the same?

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Find the Right Pace for Your AI Rollout

Harvard Business Review

A three-step approach.

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Tanoto Foundation Supports Rollout Of New Regional Philanthropy Alliance In Asia

Forbes Leadership

Building on decades of successful social and educational causes throughout the region, Tanoto Foundation recently played a central role in the establishment of The Philanthropy Asia Alliance.

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Improving Digital Transformation By Deploying Technology The Right Way

Forbes Leadership

The problem with technology rollouts—which play a big role in the overall success of an organization’s digital transformation process—is that they are not people-first.

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The Unique Yet Successful Rollout Of Shell’s Corporate Purpose Statement

Forbes Leadership

Shell believes that it's time for purpose to grow up. Companies need to go beyond the initial hype and recognize it as something that's not going away.

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A Step-by-Step Approach for Change Management Deployment

Walk Me

This article will break the deployment process into six stages: Analysis Design Pilot Test Rollout Reinforce Review The first three of these stages deal with planning. The major step for a change itself is “rollout.” Rollout The rollout phase demands more decisions about leadership, timescale, and risk tolerance.

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Volkswagen Fires Tech C-Suite After 3 Avoidable Digital Strategy Errors

Forbes Leadership

Software rollout woes stalled VW sales and model launches. Their unforced leadership missteps are neither unique nor uncommon.

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