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Are you operating in your sweet spot?

Suzi McAlpine

We feel more positive about our work when we can use our strengths to do it. When we work from our strengths, we feel energised, it increases our emotional fulfilment, and in essence, we feel strong. Strengths are where what we enjoy doing and what we’re good at meet.

Creating Happiness with Thought Leadership | Monique Rhodes

Peter Winick

Creating and Marketing Online Thought Leadership Courses. An interview with Monique Rhodes about developing online courses that are guaranteed to increase happiness. Is happiness something that comes naturally to some people? Can it be measured and taught?


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Drive Business Results with Communication Planning

David Grossman

When the pandemic began, organizational leaders were forced to communicate in new ways, focusing on what was essential. Now, as we move to new realities, it continues to be important to stay focused and thoughtfully plan communications.


Align Your Personal Purpose With Your Organization’s

Chief Executive

Simon Sinek took the business world by storm in 2009 with his lecture, How Great Leaders Inspire Action. The video is now the third most-watched TED talk of all time.

Laura Kriska | How Leaders Close The Us Versus Them Gap In The Workplace

Tanveer Nasser

It’s hard not to feel as though there’s a growing tide of divisiveness spreading across the world, splitting people into us vs. them camps on a variety of issues. Of course, those divisive issues found in various communities and countries inevitably spill into the workplace.

Critical Thinking: Understanding the Real Question

Thought Leaders LLC

When a stakeholder asks you to solve a problem, make sure you understand what’s driving their request. Asking follow-up questions can help you come up with better solutions.


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Saturday Sage: A Playful Life Is a Better Life

Leadership Freak

When you were a kid you knew how to play. Recess was your favorite subject. You could draw anything, try anything, be anyone. Now you’re an adult. Your playful spirit shriveled. What the heck… Continue reading → Saturday Sage


Building Supply Chains For Persistent New Realities

Chief Executive

As China staged what amounted to a naval blockade of Taiwan and its world-leading traffic in microchips, it became clear to global manufacturing CEOs that supply-chain issues have the potential to dominate the next few years just as they have disrupted the last few years.

5 Reasons You Need a Business Coach

Michael Hyatt

In early 2002, I was the general manager of Nelson Books, one of Thomas Nelson Publishers’ fourteen divisions. In eighteen months, we had gone from number 14—dead last—to number one in terms of revenue growth and profit margin. I felt great.

There Is No Teacher Shortage (So Why Is Everyone Talking About It).

Forbes Leadership

If I can’t buy a Porsche for $1.98, that doesn’t mean there’s an automobile shortage. Education /education Leadership /leadership Education /education leadership

Organizational Performance in Business

Rhythm Systems Growth

Organizational performance is an essential aspect of any business. Being a growing business is great for attracting and keeping talented employees. It affects how well companies perform and whether they can compete in their industries.

How receptive are you to “constructive” feedback that you disagree with?

Thought Leaders LLC

Our reader poll today asks: How receptive are you to “constructive” feedback that you disagree with? Very: It helps me learn about my blind spots 38.37%. Somewhat: I don’t like it and resist but do pay attention to it 54.22%.


August Poll Finds Surging CEO Optimism About A Potential Recovery In 2023—Or Sooner

Chief Executive

Is the U.S. in a recession or heading for one? Will the Fed stick the landing?

Life is About Questions

Leadership Freak

Life is about questions. Compared to everything that could be known, we’re in diapers. “Telling” plays a role in leadership. Questions advance your leadership. A question-rich environment develops talent. Command and control leaders… Continue reading → Leading


Health And Wellness Disruption Gets Personal

Forbes Leadership

With the traditional pharmacy leaders, Walgreen’s and CVS, expanding virtual and in-person care, while Amazon and Walmart leverage their footprints and subscription models—the frontline healthcare wars are about to get even more competitive.


Employee Turnover Data Analysis: 8 Tips for Success


A team consisting of talented, engaged employees helps a company gain a competitive advantage. Therefore, HR leaders are very concerned with keeping employee turnover low. That’s why employee turnover data analysis is a valuable tool in your HR arsenal.

How to design a referral program

Andrew Chen

Above: Dropbox’s innovative growth initiative — A referral program to give/get storage. Why a referral program? Referral programs — the “give $5, get $5” offers you see in many apps — have become popular in recent years.

Four Ways To Save Your Sanity (And Build Skills) Post Pandemic

Chief Executive

“Covid-19 will reshape our world. We don’t know when the crisis will end. But we can be sure by the time it does, our world will look very different.” . These are the words of Josep Borrell Fontelles , High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in May 2020. .

Two Breakthrough Questions that Change the Way People Think

Leadership Freak

We’re like bear cubs clinging to trees when it comes to the way we think. Resistance to change produces stability. You can’t climb a new tree until you come down from the one… Continue reading → Questions Leadership Development Leading

Ayesha Curry Adds Book Publishing To Sweet July Brand Through New Partnership

Forbes Leadership

Curry is the latest celebrity to partner with upstart book publisher Zando, joining the likes of John Legend, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lena Waithe. For(bes) The Culture /forbes-the-culture Innovation /innovation Leadership /leadership For(bes) The Culture /forbes-the-culture


Critical Thinking Tools: The Problem Statement

Thought Leaders LLC

Writing a problem statement helps you define your goals, boundaries, constraints, and assumptions when faced with a challenging project. . One of my favorite critical thinking and problem solving tools is a good problem statement.


Stop Offering Career Ladders. Start Offering Career Portfolios.

Harvard Business Review

Companies need a more holistic approach to developing talent. Developing employees Career coaching Hiring and recruitment Employee retention Digital Article

20 Amazing Virtual Birthday Party Ideas For The Workplace in 2022

Vantage Circle

With the rise of work-from-home trends, interaction with co-workers has become rarer and thus more crucial than ever. These interactions span from team-building activities to celebrating personal achievements and important days such as anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

8 John Wooden Quotes on Leadership to Make You a Better Manager

Get Lighthouse

John Wooden is one of the greatest coaches of all time. He led his UCLA men's basketball team to a stunning 10 NCAA Championships in 12 years.

You Need To Stop Doing This On Your AI Projects

Forbes Leadership

One common mistake is causing many AI projects to fail. AI /ai Innovation /innovation AI /ai Leadership /leadership CIO Network /cio-network innovation ai


4 Questions to Focus your Brain Before it Derails Your Leadership

Leadership Freak

Focus on something bigger than the wind. Everyone deals with challenges but leaders aren’t derailed by them. Give your brain something to think about beyond pressing issues, urgent deadlines, and nagging problems. You’re… Continue reading → Leading


HR Risk Management: A Practitioner’s Guide


Navigating the world of work is becoming increasingly challenging, and there are many HR risks that organizations need to handle to stay compliant and thrive. Let’s dive into all you need to know about HR risk management. Contents What is HR risk management? What are the key HR risk areas?

The Word of the Year is Uncertainty. Now What?

Kevin Eikenberry

Time Magazine famously names a Person of the Year in December. I’m naming uncertainty as the Word of Year now. We don’t even have to wait. I know, the future is always uncertain – the only time we have 20/20 vision is looking backwards. Yet, due to a list of factors as long as your […].


The 4 Questions Every Manager Struggles with Making Career Development Plans

Get Lighthouse

"I'm giving my notice. I've accepted an offer at another company.". Devastated and unsure of what to do with this news, Joe could do nothing but accept it. He was losing one of the best people on his team. For the past 2 years Sam had been one of the most productive and positive members of his team.

Creating An Amazing Customer Experience On A Budget

Forbes Leadership

With the current recession, employment issues and supply chain problems, companies and brands are struggling to provide the same experience they have in the past. Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy Leadership /leadership Leadership Strategy /leadership-strategy leadership


How To Embrace Creative Tensions To Solve Tough Problems

Eric Jacobson

If you struggle with these paradoxes: How can I express my individuality and be a team player? How do I balance work and life? How can I take care of myself while supporting others? How can I manage the core business while innovating for the future?

What Are Your Decision-Making Strengths and Blind Spots?

Harvard Business Review

Understanding your style will help you identify which biases that may get in your way. Decision making and problem solving Managing yourself Listening skills Receiving feedback Digital Article

Disciplinary Action at Work: All HR Needs to Know


Disciplinary action is an essential tool for managing unwanted behavior in the workplace. As uncomfortable as it may be, it’s integral to building an environment people want to work in.

What Does a Sales Manager Do? 3 Tips to Succeed


Jump to section. What is a sales manager? What does a sales manager do? How do you become a sales manager? Must-have skills of a sales manager. What sales reps need most from a sales manager. Leadership & Management Sales Business SEO