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Taking New Ideas to Market | Pete O’Heeron

Peter Winick

Going from idea to prototype, to marketable product. An interview with Pete O’Heeron about pushing the envelope of science to bring cutting edge offerings to the market. Pete offers great insight into how to take new niche ideas from prototype to market and have conversations that draws your audience in.

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Creating Alignment between Marketing and Sales | Winston Henderson

Peter Winick

Learning to understand how marketing, sales, and thought leadership can work together to create greater success. Are your marketing and sales teams aligned to the overall business goals of your company, or is each team focused on their own success? Three Key Takeaways: Don’t confuse thought leadership with content marketing.

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5 Ways Marketing and Sales Leaders Can Embrace GenAI

Harvard Business Review

Generative AI holds the promise of transforming marketing in all sorts of remarkable ways, but marketing leaders have been reluctant to embrace it and lag behind their peers in other fields. This and other findings emerged in a survey that the authors recently conducted with 600 business leaders from large U.S.-based based companies.

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Employee Marketing: Your 101 Guide for 2024 


Employee marketing is a great, but underutilized, way to align your workforce with your organization’s business objectives and create brand advocacy. This article will explain what employee marketing is and its benefits, as well as provide 10 strategies HR professionals can consider to develop a robust employee marketing strategy.

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Relationship Marketing: The Value of Marketing to Current Customers

Help Scout Leadership

Relationship marketing is customer marketing strategy that emphasizes retention, loyalty, satisfaction, and lifetime customer value. Read the full article

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Accelerating Marketing Strategy with Thought Leadership | Denise Broady

Peter Winick

Denise is the Chief Marketing Officer at Appian Corporation, helping clients build apps and workflows with a low-code automation platform; combining people, technologies, and data in a single workflow to maximize resources and improve business results. In addition, we can help you implement marketing, research, and sales. Transcript.

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Marketing and Product Roadmaps for Entrepreneurs | Stephanie Chandler

Peter Winick

An interview with Stephanie Chandler about creating a marketing plan for your book and developing additional connected products. Either way, a book can be an incredible investment for an entrepreneur, but to get the full return on that investment, you’ll need a marketing plan and a product roadmap. The market is expected to grow.

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