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53 Performance Review Examples and Phrases


Jump to section The importance of performance reviews 53 performance review examples 3 tips for delivering a performance review to an underperformer A performance review is an opportunity to foster growth

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Performance Review Template & Guide [FREE Download]


Only 30% of employees believe that performance reviews at their organization are fair and equitable. What’s more, 70% of organizations are reconsidering how they manage performance. DOWNLOAD FREE TEMPLATE Contents What is a performance review?


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How to Conduct Motivating Performance Reviews When Business Is Down

Harvard Business Review

In this article, the author outlines strategies for how to conduct a motivating performance review when business is down. And how can you balance realistic expectations for the future while also fostering a sense of leaderly optimism?

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Fixing Performance Reviews, for Good

SHRM Organizational Development

We’re hearing a lot lately about the disappointment and frustration of performance reviews. At Confirm, we run performance cycles for our customers every day. Employee performance follows a power law, not a bell curve 3. We’ve learned that: 1. How we work isn't how we're measured 2. military to evaluate recruits.

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Tips for Conducting Effective Manager Performance Reviews


Performance reviews are an important tool for business and its workers. At every level, performance reviews inform workers of what’s important to their organization, their manager, and their staff. An emerging trend in performance reviews is to look at the review from a wider perspective.

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A New Look for Performance Reviews

Association Now Leadership

But workers should also be empowered to establish reviewable goals and how to meet them. It’s practically axiomatic at this point that the annual performance review is broken. Framing performance conversations around goals has the obvious benefit of helping people know what they ought to be working toward.

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7 Steps For Leaders Preparing Manager Performance Reviews

Forbes Leadership

The goal of a performance review is to help managers see the “why”—that is, why they are working in a certain way and how it fits into group strategy writ large. Understanding the “why” allows managers to make better implementation decisions and feel more empowered on the job.