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40 Performance Review Questions HR Can Implement


A performance review is a crucial time for employers and employees alike, meaning employers must ask the right performance review questions. HR plays an essential role in ensuring that performance reviews are carried out fairly, transparently and with the right goals in mind.

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Fixing Performance Reviews, for Good

SHRM Organizational Development

We’re hearing a lot lately about the disappointment and frustration of performance reviews. At Confirm, we run performance cycles for our customers every day. Employee performance follows a power law, not a bell curve 3. We’ve learned that: 1. How we work isn't how we're measured 2. military to evaluate recruits.


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Tips for Conducting Effective Manager Performance Reviews


Performance reviews are an important tool for business and its workers. At every level, performance reviews inform workers of what’s important to their organization, their manager, and their staff. An emerging trend in performance reviews is to look at the review from a wider perspective.

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7 Steps For Leaders Preparing Manager Performance Reviews

Forbes Leadership

The goal of a performance review is to help managers see the “why”—that is, why they are working in a certain way and how it fits into group strategy writ large. Understanding the “why” allows managers to make better implementation decisions and feel more empowered on the job.

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5 Steps To Take After A Negative Performance Review

Forbes Leadership

If your manager hasn’t been giving you regular feedback, and you haven’t proactively asked for it, then you don’t know what kind of performance review you’ll have.

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Watch Out for These 3 Gender Biases in Performance Reviews

Harvard Business Review

Three kinds of bias often creep into the performance-review process, in ways that disproportionately affect women, especially when they choose to take advantage of the flexibility offered by hybrid and remote work.

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12 Performance Review Examples for Employee Evaluation

Sweet Process

If you, like many managers, often struggle to come up with […] The post 12 Performance Review Examples for Employee Evaluation appeared first on SweetProcess. Contrary to the common misconception, people actually want more feedback!