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Using Inclusive Language to Communicate More Effectively| Dr. Suzanne Wertheim

Peter Winick

She is also the author of The Inclusive Language Field Guide: 6 Simple Principles for Avoiding Painful Mistakes and Communicating Respectfully, which is filled with real-world examples and exercises that can help boost your inclusive language skills. Suzanne explains what inclusive language is and why it matters.

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What Makes an Inclusive Leader?

Harvard Business Review

Leaders play a critical role in fostering inclusivity within their organizations. Inclusive leaders also cut down employee attrition risk. Inclusive leaders also cut down employee attrition risk. They identified five key behaviors that help leaders make their organizations more inclusive.

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How To Be An Inclusive Leader

Eric Jacobson

“No matter your title, or how advanced you already consider yourself to be as an inclusive leader, I believe this book will help you evolve and motivate you to take action,” says Jennifer Brown about her book, How To be An Inclusive Leader: Your Role In Creating Cultures Of Belonging Where Everyone Can Thrive.

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Inclusive Inclusivity – #MTtalk Roundup

Mind Tools Team Management

Even with the best of intentions, creating an inclusive workplace doesn’t happen by accident. In striving for inclusion, leaders may find it useful to ask themselves, and their employees, whether everyone understands their role in building an inclusive environment. What Is “Inclusive Inclusivity?”

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10 Reasons Why Inclusion Is a Competitive Advantage

Harvard Business Review

Researchers are identifying and quantifying the many effects of inclusion on firm performance — and the insights they’re generating are persuasive.

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Creating an Organizational Culture That’s More Inclusive for Black Employees

Harvard Business Review

Both are areas where organizations are slowly moving the needle, and they should continue to do so in order to make organizations more racially inclusive.

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Disney’s Little Mermaid Gives Inclusive Leadership Lessons For The Workplace!

Forbes Leadership

This week’s inclusion hero is Disney’s The Little Mermaid, which opened in theaters nationwide on May 26th. The film provides lessons for fostering workplace inclusion.