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Why Engineers Should Study Philosophy

Harvard Business Review

Having a crisp mental model around a problem, being able to break it down into steps that are tractable, perfect first-principle thinking, sometimes being prepared (and able to) debate a stubborn AI — these are the skills that will make a great engineer in the future, and likely the same consideration applies to many job categories.

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Organizational Energy: How to Fuel the 6 Engines of Success

Leadership Freak

This post explains the sources of organizational energy and offers insights that fuel the engines of success. Teams die a slow death when you neglect vitality. Do you know the 6 sources of organizational energy?


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AI Prompt Engineering Isn’t the Future

Harvard Business Review

Despite the buzz surrounding it, the prominence of prompt engineering may be fleeting. A more enduring and adaptable skill will keep enabling us to harness the potential of generative AI? It is called problem formulation — the ability to identify, analyze, and delineate problems.

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What is prompt engineering?

Walk Me

The field of prompt engineering has opened up thanks to smart AI users with a tech background building a better understanding of prompts. Professional prompt engineers are advertising their services, sometimes at eye-watering prices. We will introduce the topic of prompt engineering so that anyone can understand it.

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Is Training the Right Solution?

Speaker: Tim Buteyn

In this webinar, you will learn how to determine if training is the right solution using the Behavior Engineering Model. How can you determine if training is the right solution before you commit your budget and resources to a new training program?

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Revamping engineering manager onboarding at Asana


An engineering manager’s success impacts an entire team or group of teams, so setting them up for early success is a high-leverage investment. For most of Asana’s existence, “engineering manager (EM) onboarding” meant attending general engineering onboarding. Our mission & goals for onboarding.

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The New ‘AI Psychologists’: The Rise Of Prompt Engineers

Forbes Leadership

New generative AI models have led to the rise of a new job in high demand: the 'prompt engineer'. Are they here to stay or is this just a passing fad?